I am an AWAI (American Artists and Writers Institute) trained copywriter.

I got my B.S. Degree in Environmental Design from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pa.

I labored ten years doing research for several management consulting firms. I worked on state and federal government contracts.

During that time I went from being a research analyst to a project director, and later the communications director.

I was responsible for proposal writing, report writing, developing training course materials, teaching courses, creating exhibits and making presentations to state and federal government agencies.

Results:  80% of the  

                      78% of those tested    
                     improved their  
                     performance after
                     taking courses.

​​After that, I started a communications company, targeting lawyers and helping them get their points across to judges, juries, and state and federal government agencies.

These services included creating: videos, multimedia presentations, charts and info- graphics. This included writing scripts for videos, creating brochures, sales letters and marketing materials.
This company was in business more than 25 years by satisfying customers and exceeding their expectations.

Clients included:         
             DuPont Chemical Co.
             General Motors
             Honda Motors
             Shell Oil Co.
             Trinity Industries
             Union Carbide
             The U.S. EPA
             The U.S. Dept. of Justice
             The U.S. DOT
and many other large and small businesses.

Results:  92% of the cases  

                      won or settled.

                 10% response rate    
                -- from targeted


             85% of those    
                 responding became   

I was the communications manager for a political campaign, responsible for creating all campaign communications.
( Web-copy, brochures, flyers, video scripts, etc. )

Results:  Political  

                Won the election.

​The most important concept learned from these experiences is to know your prospect.

Understand your target customer.

Learn their likes and hates. Know what they fear.

With this knowledge we can capture their attention and motivate them to achieve your goals.

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Allen Shinder
Freelance Copywriter
All rights reserved